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2.8.0 / 2009-12-17

  • Notes list sortable by reminder date
  • Manually sortable checklistitems (Prefs->Sort prefs)
  • Custom date format (Prefs->Appearance; Are you missing a format? Mail us!)
  • Suggestions while typing new checklist items
  • Convert text-notes to checklists (every line gets an checklistitem) and checklists to text-notes (Menu->Convert to)
  • Customizable checklistitem height (Prefs->Appearance)
  • Fast scroll thumb for notes and folders list
  • Send to calendar
  • Import memos from Palm
  • Fixed scrolling problem with long notes
  • Fix for force close of keyboard at checklist notes
  • Keep onscreen keyboard open on entering checklist notes
  • Reset durable checklists to “all” or “needed”
  • Using system dialog for taking photo notes for better compatibility
  • Several layout fixes for Motorola Droid
  • Bugfix no aborting of recording if orientation change happens
  • Several small bugfixes