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Frequently Asked Questions

Process / Task

  1. Why is Note Everything often / always visible in my Task-Manager/-Killer?
    The Android system starts and stops processes on its own. So if it is “running”, a part of Note Everything was needed by the system.

    You simply should NOT use a task manager / killer!

    Please read this great (english) article about the process management of Android systems:

    Or this german article:

    And another detailed, “official” article on multitasking and processes on Android:

    Another english article:


  1. Why does the app needs the permissions “automatically start at boot” and “prevent phone from sleeping”?
    That permissions are need for some of the features of the Pro add-on.

    At startup the reminders and sticky-notes has to be set up again. So Note Everything starts at boot, sets up some notes if necessary and then stops itself and does NOT run in the background or eat up memory or battery life (the android operating system decides for itself, when an app is stopped and recycled, so you might still see it in a task manager).

    The permission to prevent phone from sleeping is also only used if you use a durable checklist (available with the pro add-on). If you are on the “need” tab, the phone can stay awake (usefull for shopping). Note Everything does NOT prevent your phone from sleeping in other situations.


The widgets don’t work as long as the app is installed to the sd-card (limitation of Android, not the app!).
Move the app back to the phone memory (system settings -> apps -> manage apps), then restart your phone. Then the widgets should be back.


  1. Why so many updates?
    Some users complained in the comments about the many updates. So we would like to explain it:

    We get many emails from our users with suggestions and ideas for new features in Note Everything.
    Users also submit problems and errors.

    Our goal is to improve Note Everything based on these suggestions. Note Everything is not “only” a note taking app. It offers much more and will be further enhanced.

    So there are continous updates with new features. You can find them on the what’s new screen after every update.

    Unfortunately we make mistakes too and want to correct them as soon as possible. Please email problems so that we can fix them and provide an errorfree update.

    So, there are sometimes several updates in a short time frame.

    But that has nothing to do with marketing or “tracking” something. Its only purpose is to provide a bug free and feature rich app.

    We believe this is preferable to an app with bugs that is never fixed.

    We hope you understand this. Many users are thankful for that.

    Last, but not least, you are not obligated to do all the updates. But then you may be missing out on some nice features or bugfixes. And please understand, that we can only provide support for latest version.

Send notes

  1. How can I send my notes by short message service (SMS)?
    You can tap and hold on a note in the notes list to open the context menu. Text-notes have an option to send them by sms.
    Since version 2.0.0 you can choose this option also in the options menu of a note.

  2. How can I send my note by email
    You can tap and hold on a note in the notes list to open the context menu. There you can choose “send”.
    Since version 2.0.0 you can choose this option also in the options menu of a note.
    Note Everything can send ALL types of notes. But it depends on your installed apps, if there is one that can handle it. GMail should be able to send text-, paint-, voice- and photo-notes.

Manage folders

  1. How can I create a new folder?
    Go to “select folder”. Then choose “create folder” from options menu.

  2. How can I rename a folder?
    Go to select folder. Then tap and hold on a folder. Choose rename from the context menu.

  3. How can I delete a folder?
    Go to select folder. Then tap and hold on a folder. Choose delete from the context menu.

  4. What will happen to the notes in a deleted folder?
    If you delete a folder, all contained notes will be moved to the recycle bin.

  5. How can I move a note to a different folder?
    Tap and hold on a note in the notes list. Choose move from the context menu then choose the destination folder.


  1. How can I automatically capitalize the first word?
    Go to preferences and select the kind of your choice at “Capitalization”.


  1. How can I quickly record a voice note?
    In the notes list, press the hardware camera button (if your device has one). A new voice note will be created, after a short double beep the record begins.

  2. How can I seek in voice notes?
    Slide with your finger to left or right on the progress bar to seek 10 seconds forward or backwards.

  3. Can I pause the recording?
    No, sadly not. But you can record continuesly and seek during playback later. If you hit the record button in a voice note, you can record a new voice (overwriting the old one).

  4. How can I convert a voice note to a text note?
    Caution! There is NO voice recognition or the like. But you can hear your voice note and type the note body at the same time. So you can transcript your voice note to a text note. If you are ready you can choose “convert to text” from the options menu to delete the voice attachment and convert the note to a text note.


  1. How can I define the name of a paint note?
    Paint notes are named automatically. But you can rename it. Choose rename from the options menu. You can also tap and hold on a paint-note in the notes list and choose rename from the context menu.

  2. How can I select the color of the pen in paint notes?
    You can toggle the tool between pen and eraser from the options menu. You can also change the color of pen in the options menu.

  3. How can I undo a pen stroke?
    You can go back to the latest version of a painting by choosing “discard” from the options menu.
    Undo of single strokes and actions is planned for future releases.


  1. How can I zoom into a photo?
    Just tap on the foto to open it in the system image viewer. There you can zoom and move into the photo.


  1. How can I create new notes with one tap?
    In the notes list, press menu and choose “create shortcut to…” and choose your desired note type. A shortcut to a new note will be created on the home screen. At voice notes you can choose if the record should instantly start or not.

  2. How can I create a shortcut to a specific note on home screen?
    Tap and hold on your home screen. From the appearing menu choose shortcut and then Note Everything. Now you can choose the desired note from the list.
    Instead you can choose “create shortcut” from the menu when editing a note.


  1. How does the encryption work?
    Caution! Encryption and decryption is only possible with the Pro Version. Encrypted notes can only get decrypted when you have the Pro Version installed.

    Every single note will be encrypted with its own password. And could only get decrypted with exactly this password! So remember it carefully! No one (even not the developer!) can decrypt a note without the correct password.

  2. How can I remove the encryption?
    If you decrypt a note, it is only decrypted for the time of editing. If you leave the note, it will be encrypted again.

    To permanently decrypt a note, decrypt it and then choose “clear encryption” from the options menu.

  3. What kind of encryption is used?
    A 128 bit passphrase based AES encryption is used (“PBEWithMD5And128BitAES-CBC-OpenSSL”).


  1. How can I import notes to Note Everything?
    There are several ways to import data into Note Everything. You can import from other apps like “Note Pad”, “OI Notepad” and “AK Notepad”.

    Also you can import from sd-card.

  2. How does importing from sd-card work, what formats are supported?
    You can import every (readable) file from everywhere on your phone or your sd-card.
    The files are read as textfiles. So if you import a *.txt file it should work well. If you import a *.xml file it will also work. To import all languages correctly, you have to convert the files to the UTF-8 encoding.
    But you can not import any kinds of binary files like Microsoft Outlook notes or Word documents. They would appear as gibberish.

  3. How does mass-importing from sd-card work?
    To mass-import a bunch of notes, just put them together in a folder on the sd-card. Then choose mass-import and pick the appropriate folder. All files named with the extension txt will be imported. Every file results in a note.


  1. Export text notes to sd-card
    Please note: This is an export only! The notes itself will be stored in the internal database. So if you modify a note, this modification wouldn’t be automatically mirrored on the sd-card. Only if you select export again the last state would be written on the sd-card.

  2. Why can’t I store my text-notes on the sd-card?
    All notes are internally managed in a database. Only the “big” attachments like paintings and photos are stored on the sd-card. The size of the text-notes isn’t very big, so it doesn’t make sense to store them in files on the sd-card.

  3. Why are the exported text-notes named like “text23545.txt”
    Because there are some characters that must not be contained in a filename. Also the title of the note can get really long what wouldn’t be very useful for a filename. So, the first line IN the textfile is the title and the following lines are the body.

Do you have more questions? Please email the developer!