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Is SoftXperience still alive?

Last update was month ago.
Support-Requests are not answered timely.
You wonder:

  • Is SoftXperience still alive?
  • Are the apps still maintained?
  • Will there be new apps?

Short answer: YES

The long story...

I always want to be honest, so for those interested, I’ll tell you what happened:
On Oct., 31th 2013 I became father of premature twins. They was born after 25 weeks of pregnancy, so they are extreme premature. Hardly to survive at all.
They was born with 710 and 720 gramms.
So they got a really hard start into live and got many complication, they have sick lungs, got bowel operation, cerebral hemorrhage and had to stay over 20 weeks in hospital until they got home the first time.
Still now they have many problems, needs still oxygen and a lot of therapy. So currently there is no “normal life” at all anymore.
This is why I wasn’t at the computer that much in the past and so I couldn’t answer support tickets or improve my apps.
BUT: I still love my projects, especially Note Everything and I will still support and improve them.
I already started developing a complete new version of Note Everything, improved for the new Android versions, optimized for tablets, with sync integrated and many other ideas.
So I hope for your support and your patience. Hopefully my kids get better soon so that I can spend some time at the computer again.
Marcus with Moritz & Fabian
May 2014