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Backup with Pro add-on

If you have the Pro Add-On installed, you have convenient backup possibilites.
To get to the backup options, open Note Everything, press menu and choose “Backup”.

Automatic backup

Note Everything is able to do automatic scheduled backups of your full Note Everything data.
Please note: in order to let the backups work, make sure to not use any task killer or at least exclude Note Everything from it. Otherwise the backup scheduler may also get killed and the backup won’t run!
Tap on “Automatic backps” to configure them. You can switch them on or off.
Also you can choose if the backup should run daily or weekly. And the desired day on weekly backups.
The automatic mode also keeps track of your last backups and keeps the favored count of backup files. The oldest files will be deleted automatically.
Default settings are:
Weekly backup on sunday at 9 p.m. and keep the last 5 backup files.
The last backup file is always named “”.
You can also set the backup location to a custom path, for example the upload folder of your cloud storage app to get your backup files copied off your device.

Manual backup

You can always start a manual backup by tapping on “Backup to ZIP-File”.
That will create a backup of your current data, named “” (where date & time are the timestamp).


To restore your data after a master reset, on a new phone or other reasons, click on “Restore from ZIP-Backup”.
You will see a dialog with the available backups. Choose the desired backup file to restore it.
The dialog only searches the backup location set in “Automatic backups”, so if the dialog doesn’t find any backups, the path might not be correct. You can also use the Pick button to manually pick the file you want to restore.
Please note: A restore will overwrite all your current data in Note Everything! There is currently no possibility to merge a backup with current data or to restore individual notes.

Location of backup files

The backup files will be saved on the (internal!) phone memory in folder noteeverything/backup unless you specify a custom path in the backup settings.
So you should copy the backup files to your computer from time to time. So if you lost your phone or it gets stolen, you have a backup on your computer.
Please be aware that there are devices, that have an internal, non removable memory built in. In this case this is recognized as “sd-card” by the apps. So your backups may go to the internal memory instead of your removable sd-card.
Check the paths of the available storages for example with a file browser.