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We understand you have very important information in your notes in Note Everything.
So periodical backups are always a good idea and recommended!


Your notes are stored in an internal database of Note Everything. This database is located always in the internal phone memory of your device, which you usually can’t access.
This means, your data will NOT SURVIVE the following things:

  • a master reset / wipe of the device (often done by shop employees in case of problems with the device)
  • uninstallation of the app
  • clear data in application management
  • other events that damages the memory where the database is stored (for example ungraceful shutdowns like battery pull)

This applies even if you install the app to the sd-card!
Only the big “attachments” of the notes (like voices, paintings, photos etc.) will be saved on your sd-card. But currently you can’t import them back.
So, you need to do a correct backup if you want to restore the data.

How to backup

There are different ways to backup your data:

We recommend to use the Pro Add-On (which gives you also other very nice additional features), but you can use the solution you like most.
Please refer to the corresponding other developers on how to use the 3rd party backup apps correctly.