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Frequently Asked Questions

Download of Note Everything

If the app is not able to perform backups or show alarms, probably the permissions are missing. You have to grant the permissions for both “Note Everything” and Note Everything Pro />

  1. go to Settings -> Apps -> All Apps
  2. search for “Note Everything” and “Note Everything Pro” and perform the following steps:
  3. tap on the app
  4. tap on “Permissions”
  5. grant the permissions for the following:

    • Notifications
    • Files
    • Photos and videos
    • Microphone
    • Music and audio
    • Phone

Permissionproblems (e.g. Backup failed and other)

Install / Open problem with Pro Add-On

Note Everything Pro is not a normal application you can open or find on your device. It is an Add-On to upgrade the free version and unlock the additional features.
So you need BOTH apps installed and up to date, the free app AND the Pro app.
There is no icon for the Pro version in your apps drawer. Just use the icon of the free version as usual.

Reinstalling purchased Pro Add-On

If you bought on Android Market, your purchase is bound to your Google account.
So if you use the same Google account as before, you should see the app in Market -> Downloads as “purchased”. Then you can reinstall without paying again. We are not able to move the license to another Google account.
If you bought on out Website with Paypal, just follow again the instructions you got. We can resend the instructions if needed.

Moving data to a new device

The notes are stored in internal memory only on your smartphone and not stored online.
To move ALL your data including meta data like dates, folders, and so on, it is recommended to use the Pro Add-On! This will export all your data to a single zip-file which you can move to a new phone.
To do it,

  1. install Note Everything and Note Everything Pro on the new device.

  2. On the old device do a full zip backup.

  3. Copy the backup file from /noteeverything/backup folder from the internal memory to the same folder on the new device.

  4. Then do a restore of the backup on the new device.
    For further informations please read: Backup