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2.5.0 / 2009-10-08

  • Major update in folder management. Note Everything now supports subfolders!
    Pay attention: Due to that, some internal structure has changed, and you have to recreate your live folders and shortcuts on you home-screen!
  • If you create a “new-shortcut” on home-screen, you can select the folder where the notes should be saved to.
  • Removed the redundant “send by sms”, you can find it by “send”
  • Send text data to Note Everything from other apps (choose send in other apps like “share page” in browser)
  • Smaller note rows if you like (choose in preferences)
  • Smaller checklist rows if you like (choose in preferences)
  • Close button for this what’s new screen
  • Help screens, shows a little explanation on some features when used the first time.

    And for the valuable Pro-Users:
  • Bugfix: if you sticked a note, a reminder potentially did remove the sticker
  • Due to the structure changes, the old ZIP-backups aren’t compatible anymore. Please create a new one now.