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3.0.0 / 2010-06-22

  • Improved scrolling
  • Voice note on pressing cam button optional
  • Double-tap to select a word
  • Delete all notes (clear database)
  • Infobar with detailed note informations (like reminder date)
  • In-note search
  • Insert from barcode within a note (tap & hold in note body)
  • Send to Droid Exchange calendar
  • Open notes read-only
  • Save and restore cursor position
  • Customizable font size for lists
  • Hide date in notes list
  • WikiWords: link notes via WikiWords (activate in linkification preferences)
  • Multiselect for bulk deleting and moving (swipe to right on a note)
  • Different stroke width for eraser and pen
  • Quick Note widget
  • Quick Note from statusbar

  • Many bugfixes and improvements

And for the Pro users
  • Automatic, scheduled backups
  • Alarm reminders with snooze
  • Customizable vibrate pattern for reminders
  • Durable checklist resetable to all possible states
  • Scroll checklist to first occurence while typing
  • new checklist sort order: checked, then alphabetical